who we are


Hi there! Grace here, and welcome to the GRAYSTON Group. My background is in business development and relationship marketing, and over the years I've had the privilege of helping dozens of eCommerce merchants meaningfully grow and improve their businesses through insightful strategy, stunning UX/UI design, compelling copywriting, authentic marketing, and expert technical development.

In my previous role as CEO and Creative Director of Tako Agency, I led the team in growth from 6 to 26 members, and grew revenue by 522% over 3 years. As Creative Director my team was recognized for excellence in web design with 5 Hermes Awards, and together we delighted brands like the PGA, Official Brand, Via Citrus, Label Daddy, Drip Drop, Passion Planner, Casely, and many more.

GRAYSTON represents the next stage in eCommerce consulting and services. We're a talented team of designers, developers, artists, strategists, and project managers I trust to care for our merchants with the same passion and commitment I do. A few highlights of what I've been able to accomplish for clients are detailed in the case studies below, but I'd love to get on a call to see what GRAYSTON could do for YOU.


to support eCommerce merchants as they grow their businesses

across four of the six functional areas of business: strategy, marketing, technology, and operations

by applying expert knowledge and tenacious problem solving

in a transparent, friendly, professional environment.


Get a taste for what my team and I have been able to achieve for our clients.

LitJoy: 41% increase in aov

In 2021 I had the honor of working with LitJoy Crate in my capacity as Creative Director, where under my guidance and strategy, my team and I helped them achieve an increase in average order value and order volume. A fully custom customer portal smoothly (and beautifully) bridged the gap between Shopify and Recharge, giving users a seamless on-brand experience at every step of the customer journey.

(Work performed during tenure at Tako Agency.)

"Working with Grace is like supercharging your project. She brings clarity and creativity, as well as professionalism and passion. She is a strong leader and an essential partner in any endeavor. If you have big vision, you’ll want Grace and her team to bring it to life."


CIO, LitJoy Crate

wicked edge: grew revenue by 28%

Customer education is one of the biggest barriers to a sale for merchants with complicated products. Wicked Edge was no exception, with top-of-the-line knife sharpeners and accessories that -- while unparalleled in quality -- were difficult for customers to assess and select. To solve this challenge, I worked closely with the Wicked Edge team to develop and deploy a product recommendation quiz (in partnership with Octane AI) that resulted in a 28% lift in store-wide revenue, a 61% increase in AOV, and double the conversion rate.

(Work performed during tenure at Tako Agency.)

on the recharge podcast

I was delighted and honored to be asked to appear on the Recharge podcast, Hit Subscribe, to talk all things memberships. I'm passionate about memberships because when done well, they can be incredible relationship drivers with your customers -- meaning far greater LTV for a single customer than you could ever hope to save on new customer aquisition.