We'd love to hear from you!


At GRAYSTON we strongly prefer to hire for attitude and train for skill wherever possible. This means that you might be a fantastic fit for a role based on your characteristics and professional values, even if you don't have a ton of hands-on experience to show on your resume just yet. (This is particularly true for admin, project management, and QA testing roles!)

The team members who truly excel at GRAYSTON demonstrate the following qualities:

✓ High level of pride and integrity in their work

✓ Excellent written communication skills

✓ Deep respect for the client, their business, and the rest of the GRAYSTON team

And perhaps the MOST important quality of all:

GRITor as we call it, commitment to the mission-- doubling down to solve tough problems when they arise, instead of giving up.

If this sounds like you, check out the job descriptions below!


All members of our team are expected to have experience in (or come up to speed quickly on) Asana, Everhour, Slack, Droplr, Figma, and the Google Workspace suite. Project Managers will also be asked to learn Front, Miro, and PartnerStack.


We're looking for a frontend developer to join our growing team! If you've got skills in the following areas, we'd like to hear from you.


✓ JavascriptJavascript libraries (eg: jQuery)


✓ Basic knowledge of the Liquid templating language

✓ Robust knowledge of the Shopify platform as a whole

✓ Expertise in Shopify theme development and customization

✓ Strong understanding of responsive web development techniques optimized for page load speed

The ideal candidate will also possess superb English written communication skills, strong attention to detail, and the ability to occasionally work on Pacific Time.


So, might your work week look like?

→ Developing eCommerce sites and customizing themes on Shopify

→ Devising clever solutions to client problems and squashing bugs

→ Migrating websites from other eCommerce platforms to Shopify

→ Extending Shopify’s functionalities using storefront APIs, Liquid programming, metafields, etc.

→ Integrating and customizing third-party apps like Recharge, Smile, Yotpo, Klaviyo, accessiBe, Octane AI, and more.

→ Handling multiple projects at the same time

→ Thoroughly QAing work according to our standards prior to submission

→ Documenting your work in clear, concise language that’s easy to follow and understand

→ Working with the project management team and other developers to scope complex projects and custom builds


Project managers play a criticalrole at GRAYSTON -- you are the ringleader of the circus; the tamer of the bears! PMs liaise between clients and our internal team, working efficiently and communicating effectively to accomplish long and short-term projects.

Qualities and skills crucial to success in this role include:

✓ GRIT. Yep, again. Project managers must think critically to develop a firm understanding of the client's problem, examine it from multiple angles, and work with our internal team to devise an elegant solution. Occasionally, this is hard and rather annoying.Some problems are not straightforward; they are a tangled nest of technical or budgetary limitations and if/then statements and flowcharts and third-party apps and on and on. If you love the high that comes from kicking the ass of a really tough challenge, you'll find it at GRAYSTON. (We swear that's not every day, though!)

✓ Genuine care and concern for the client, their business, and their customers. Our entire business exists to support small business owners and help them grow -- sharing this value personally and professionally is key! It's what makes succeeding with a project so fulfilling and meaningful.

✓ Pride in one's work and honest accountability. Integrity is at the heart of everything we do at GRAYSTON; we do not have time for bullshit and don't tolerate it.

✓ Exceptional English communication skills both written and verbal

✓ Willingness to go the extra mile (within reason, of course) to accomplish a goal on time.

✓ Deep respect for one's self and others on the team

✓ Highly organized

✓ A strongly independent work ethic -- we'll do everything we can (during onboarding and ongoing) to set you up for success, but strong PMs attempt to find solutions to their problems on their own and can work with minimal supervision. (If you hate micromanaging, you'll love working with us!)

✓ Ownership. PMs at GRAYSTON own their projects from start to finish.


So, what might your work week look like?

→ Communicating with clients through Front and Google Meet; communicating with team members via Slack and Asana

→ Managing the client relationship with savvy and emotional intelligence, managing their expectations and offering support and encouragement

→ Scoping new projects and requests

→ Writing up tickets and tasks within Asana

→ Controlling deadlines and workflows

→ Reviewing budgetary reports and keeping projects within established ranges

→ Producing customer journey flows

→ QA testing development work where appropriate


GRAYSTON is focused on measured, responsible growth as a company. We're looking for a sales and marketing pro with experience in eCommerce (on the Agency side or the merchant side) to join our marketing team and play a key role in our continued growth.

Qualities and skills that are important to us in this role include:

✓ Creative ideas to reach merchants where they need us most

✓ Deep knowledge of the needs and pain points of eCommerce merchants, specifically Shopify merchants

✓ An adroit understanding of GRAYSTON's services, values, and methodology (and how to apply those within a customized pitch)

✓ Energy for value-driven outreach

✓ Compelling and authentic copywriting skills

✓ Experience in Klaviyo