Tools + Resources

These are a few of our favorite things.

Out of the Sandbox

the best Shopify themes on the market -- use code GRAYSTON10 for 10% off


Grammarly (free)

online grammar checker with a Chrome extension, so you always have an editor no matter where on the web you're writing



screenshot + screencasting tool with markup ability -- a must-have for remote work


meeting recording software that uses trainable AI to produce (pretty darn accurate) transcripts; also records both audio and video -- if effiency if your thing, this is a must have


GoFullPage (free)

backup screenshot tool that can handle full-page screenshots with ease


ColorZilla (free)

Chrome extension that will identify the color code for any color on the web, so instead of saying "The box should be green," you can say "The box should be #31572C."


Coolors (free)

fantastic color palette tool for exploration and inspiration


Google Fonts (free)

hundreds of options that integrate with Shopify and OOTS themes right out of the box (faster, simpler, and cheaper than custom fonts)


BuiltWith (free)

discover what tech stack any website is using


Squoosh (free)

compress and resize images before uploading them to your store to reduce page load speed


Google PageSpeed Insights (free)

find out how fast your site is loading in both the real world and in a lab environment -- contact us for help interpreting the results