eCommerce growth

It can be tough to examine your business with objectivity, which makes it difficut to understand where you might be going wrong ... and where the best opportunities lie.

With years of experience growing and scaling eCommerce businesses, consulting and strategy with CEO Grace Everitt can tackle revenue growth, holistic business development, customer experience (both on-site and within the entire brand ecosystem), conversion, marketing, and more. Let us help you fine-tune your eCommerce roadmap and grow your business.


It's one thing to take steps to grow your business -- but do you have a strong internal foundation to support that scaling? Faulty operations can cost eCommerce merchants tens of thousands of dollars a year through lost revenue, inefficiencies, fragmented systems, staffing issues, and more. Our Operations strategist has years of experience in auditing and building organized, elegant internal systems and workflows for flexible startup environments, keeping your unique needs and requirements always at the forefront.



A strong brand is the cornerstone of everything you do as an eCommerce merchant. It's what allows customers to develop a genuine personal connection to your company, engendering loyalty and positive attachment. Our award-winning creative team can help you brand or rebrand your business with everything you need, from logos and artboards to custom visual assets and design.

ux/ui web design

We love a good "hybrid" approach to online stores, where design dollars are thoughtfully spent on the most high-impact pages (such as homepages and product pages) and the rest of the site is based on a quality, flexible theme styled to match. Custom design not only makes your site stand out as totally unique from others, but can also offer a better user ANDmerchant experience in the long run.

custom illustrations + graphics

If your brand has grown beyond basic Canva graphics, it's time to invest in custom visual assets like illustrations. Usable anywhere from your website and social media to invoices and marketing materials, custom assets are a one-time investment that keep on giving. Our artists can execute your vision in a range of styles to match your brand, and deliver editable files that you and your team can use as a foundation for whatever you create next.


If branding, design, and custom art tell a visual story, then copywriting and editing closes the gap with captivating storytelling that converts. What you say to your customers at every step of the journey matters -- and if words aren't your strong suit, let us help. (And if they are, we can help with editing and objective feedback based on decades of experience.)

development (shopify + shopify Plus only)

Our expert development team can handle whatever you throw at us, whether it's as simple as implementation of a custom homepage design ... or as complex as a custom private app build to take Recharge to the next NEXTlevel. Whatever your problem or limitation is, we'll either find a solution that'll make your life easier or invent it.


We fervently believe that the best ROI of marketing dollars for any eCommerce business is not new customer acquisition, but rather from creating long-term customer value through repeat purchases, increased average order value, loyalty, and referrals. Turn transactional customers into raving fans through a variety of touchpoints (including email and SMS marketing) along with more out-of-the-box ideas like direct mail marketing. (Indeed, everything old is new again!)

Check out a few previous case studies to see how we've helped other merchants boost their revenue with clever solutions.

"100% Satisfaction Guaranteed"

We hired GRAYSTON to help transition our high school bookstore to an online web-store where our customers could purchase their items and have them shipped to their home addresses. Grace and her team's professionalism, quick feedback, and expertise in the market were paramount to our success. We still rely on Grace and her team's work to continually help us improve our operations. We would 100% hire GRAYSTON for all of our future endeavors.

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